Shopper Marketing Minute – Why I Love Shopper Digital Media

In this episode of the Shopper Marketing Minute I  share with you why I love pre-shop, shopper digital media. Full transcript is below.

Back when I started in this industry many moons ago our options to reach shoppers were limited to using a handful of mass awareness vehicles with a one size fits all message.  THINK… national FSIs with cents-off coupons, retail flyers or in-store shelf media.

Now, shopper digital media allows marketers to target shoppers based on demographics, shopping behaviour, proximity to stores, actual purchases, weather conditions and more. And we can target shoppers at home, while you are on the way to the store and even in the store serving up relevant content to drive consideration and conversion.

So thanks to companies I have had a pleasure to partner with such as ShopliftR, Valassis, Checkout 51, In-Market and more who have made shopper marketing a much more interesting place to be.

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