Shopper Marketing Minute – Changing Shopping Habits

In this episode of Shopper Marketing Minute we discuss the impact of the financial crisis on grocery shopper buying behaviour. Read the full transcript below:

As unemployment rates soar to the highest levels since The Great Depression, many families are finding themselves in a financial crunch. As a result, shoppers must stretch their food budget to the max. To accomplish this, shoppers are getting into the habit of planning their shopping trips in advance by taking an inventory of what food is in their home and preparing a detailed shopping list. In fact, a recent survey shows shoppers are 31% more likely now versus pre-crisis to make a shopping list before they go online or a store.

As a Shopper Marketer professional, I am encouraging my CPG clients to take advantage of this trend and engage shoppers earlier in the path-to-purchase to drive conversion. Ultimately your strategy will drive your approach but consideration should be given to pre-shop tactics including digital flyers, shopper media, retailer loyalty apps and digital coupons.

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