Shopper Marketing Minute – Online Grocery Sales Surging

In this episode of  Shopper Marketing Minute I discuss the emergence of online grocery sales during the COVID19 crisis and our recommendations for CPG marketing investments.  Read the full transcript below;

During the COVID19 crisis, online grocery shopping is surging with a 37% increase in sales between March and April. This makes me wonder why some industry experts are suggesting there will be a large drop off in Ecommerce grocery sales post-pandemic. For me E-commerce will be a big winner long term as shoppers become accustomed to the ease and convenience of online grocery shopping.

As a Shopper Marketing professional, I am advising my CPG clients to invest marketing dollars in 2 key areas:

1. Pre-Shop digital media such as digital ads or digital flyers targeting shoppers based on purchase habits to drive them to key retailer sites.

2. Creating content showcasing the brand on retailer sites and then utilizing on-site digital ads and search to drive shoppers to the content.

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