Shopper Marketing Minute – Is the “C” Word Really Dirty?

In this episode of the Shopper Marketing Minute I shift gears from talking about one “C” word COVID and its impact on shopper behaviour to another — Consultant! For full transcript see below.

For some reason, when tell people I am a Marketing Consultant it generates mixed reactions from “What exactly does that mean?” to “You must be really expensive” to, my personal favorite …  “Geez your one of them?”.

Yes – I am one of them.  I am expert in shopper marketing. Hired to step in and help companies build strategic plans targeting shoppers based on insights that drive — here’s another C word — CONVERSION.

As one of my Clients recently told me — I am the ‘secret sauce’ to helping his team develop shopper marketing initiatives.

So if you are in need of some help send me a private message.

Until next time. Thanks for watching.

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