Shopper Marketing Minute: In-Store Media in a Shopper Digital Ad World

In this episode of the Shopper Marketing Minute want to answer the question — is there a role for in-store shelf media in the fast moving, hyper-local targeted world of pre-shop, digital shopper media? Full transcript is below:

On the plus side, the majority of buying decisions are still being made at shelf and shelf media helps brands stand out when the shopper is in a buying mindset. Plus, research shows 34% of shoppers who noticed in-store advertising and 44% of shoppers who noticed a coupon put the product in their cart!

Those admittedly are big numbers and cannot be ignored…. BUT on the downside I find unless you are a big brand with big budgets, it is expensive to execute a national program which has me questioning the ROI. Recently a client completed a ROI analysis study which shows shelf media is effective, but only up to a certain point. As well, shelf media has not changed dramatically over the years. It is still a one-size-fits-all message with limited targeting capability.

So, what is the solution?

Take shelf media into the digital world.  Replace paper-based signs with digital screens. Allow brands to buy media only in the stores they want with the ability to optimize brand messages based on the shopping behavior of the shopper walking down the aisle.

Until then I will continue to recommend in-store media to brands, but for tactical purposes only.

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