Shopper Marketing Consultant: 5 Secrets of My Success

Shopper Marketing Consultant: 5 Secrets of My Success

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Five Key Attributes of a Shopper Marketing Consultant

Recently, several connections looking to make a career pivot asked me to share the secrets of my success as a Marketing Consultant.  For me it comes down to 5 key things:

  • Experience: I have expertise and a track record of success in developing B2B and B2C marketing strategies for a multitude of product categories (eg. CPG, technology) for some of the world’s largest brands. Plus, I have adapted, consciously becoming proficient in pre-shop shopper media and Ecommerce over the last 6 years as digital became a key component to reaching shoppers along the path-to-purchase.
  • Analytics: I believe analyzing data to gain insights is the foundation of any strategy. I tend to use a mix of first-party and third-party data from around the globe which provides a unique perspective on shopper behaviour while helping build robust marketing plans.
  • Creativity: I like to bring a fresh perspective to solving marketing challenges, so I ensure I am knowledgeable about all the latest trends and solutions in the omnichannel space. To achieve this I subscribe to dozens of E-newsletters, connect regularly with other marketing consultants and build relationships with key vendors and partners who help keep me “in the know”.
  • “You Before Me” Attitude: I am a partner who always puts my client’s needs first knowing if they are successful everybody will benefit. I accomplish this by always being available, adding value on a frequent basis and complementing internal resources with my knowledge base.
  • Passion & Enthusiasm: I love what I do, and nothing makes me happier than helping my clients drive product consideration and sales conversion.

Are you looking at becoming a Marketing Consultant? 

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Shopper Marketing Consultant: 5 Secrets of My Success

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