Escalating Food Prices Shifting Grocery Shopping Behaviour

Higher food prices are driving consumers to actively look for price promotions or discounted products.

Escalating Food Prices Shifting Grocery Shopping Behaviour

Every day this week I am seeing new Canadian data about the impact of higher grocery prices on shoppers.  And the news is not good! The latest data comes from Numerator via an article in Canadian Grocer Magazine specific to the fresh produce category.

Some facts:

  • 78% of Ontarians noticed prices are going up for fresh vegetables and 75% noticed this for fresh fruits.
  • 55% of Ontario shoppers find the price hikes to be “moderately to extremely concerning”

The Results:

  • 46% of consumers say they’re buying more fresh fruits and vegetables only when they’re on sale
  • 32% are cutting back on fresh fruits and vegetable purchases
  • Shoppers are starting to buy frozen and canned fruits and vegetables more frequently.

Different day, different category or product...

Canadians intend to shop more with flyers and use coupons to save money.

My take:

  • Different day, different category of product, but same key insight – grocery shoppers are actively looking for price promotions or discounted products to save money (70.2% according to a recent @Caddle survey).
  • Where are shoppers turning to find savings?  Coupons via companies such as Checkout 51, and and digital flyers through apps such as Reebee and Flipp.

In fact, a recent survey from Dalhousie University and Caddle suggests using coupons is the most popular cost-saving strategy consumers intend to follow at the grocery store in 2022. A total of 52.8% of Canadians intend to use coupons more often. Plus,45.5% said they plan to check flyers more often before buying food.

How are higher grocery prices impacting your brand or household?

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