Welcome to the Shopper Marketing Minute. As Canada slowly starts to open up post-pandemic, Marketers are wondering which grocery shopping behaviors will go back to pre-Covid norms and which new ones will stick.

A recent research study of 10,000 Canadians by Dalhousie University and Caddle provides our first insights into expected shopping behaviour over the next 6 months.

The top 3 key takeaways for me:

1.Online grocery shopping will remain popular with over 22% of Canadians stating it will be the method they use the most to buy groceries.

2. Promotions and deals will continue to be a heavy influencer of purchase decisions for over 70% of Canadians as our economy slowly starts to rebuild.

3. Loyalty programs are likely to influence what grocery store 73.3% of shoppers make purchases at.  This is significant considering 25% of Canadians changed stores during the pandemic.

Do you have any predictions?

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