Shopper Marketing Minute: Qr Codes Are Making A Comeback


QR codes are making a big comeback.

How big? 

A recent survey in the US by MobileIron, shows 72% of people scanned a QR code in the past month.

Nowhere is the use of QR codes more noticeable than at your local grocery store where brands are looking to enhance a shopper’s experience.

So I went on a virtual store check with to see how some CPGs are using QR codes, After reviewing pictures from stores across Canada, I have observed the top 3 ways brand are QR codes are

  • Share Recipes
  • Share product information
  • Share details on a promotional offers

Are you using QR codes in your marketing campaigns?  Are they working? 

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New technology presents many challenges to CPG companies

Shopper Marketing Minute: Technology & Shopper Engagement

AI, AR, VR, QR, livestreaming, in-store robots, beacons and more. All technology solutions all developing at a rapid rate with a goal of driving shopper engagement, consideration, and conversion along the path to purchase.

For CPGs, all of the new technology presents 2 key challenges:

1. Keeping up with technology advancements.

2. Knowing when it is time start adding a new technology into the marketing mix.

To keep up, it is imperative CPGs have dedicated human resources who are subject matter experts – internal or at the agency level.

From a marketing perspective, brands need to be an early adopter and allocate budget dollars to do test and learns.

Yes, you might fail a few times, but most market leaders are okay with this as long as they hit a few home runs too.

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