Shopper Marketing Strategy: Shopping List Marketing

Shopper Marketing Strategy: Drive sales conversion by getting on shopping list

Shopping List Marketing

I speak with clients all the time about the increasing importance of reaching shoppers pre-shop to drive consideration to ensure their product gets on the “shopping list”. In fact, a recent Caddle study shows 73% of Canadian shoppers are pre-planning grocery shopping trips.

But, how important is it to actually get on a grocery shopping list?


Two stats I recently read jump right out:

  • 90% of shoppers reference a grocery shopping list in-store (Source: IRI Worldwide)
  • 81% of products on a shopping list get purchased (Source: List Builder Survey)

So, if it’s important to reach shoppers pre-shop and get on the shopping list, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a digital ad solution that allows you to reach shoppers while they are building their lists.

Now there is … with AdAdapted.

AdAdapted is a mobile advertising platform that uses patented technology to drive sales conversion for CPGs by getting branded products onto digital shopping list apps and/or directly into retailer E-commerce shopping carts

Shopper Marketing Strategy: Shopping List Marketing

What makes AdAdapted unique?

  • Ability to reach an exclusive shopper audience with digital ads via 31 mobile shopping list apps in Canada representing 6.2 million unique Canadian mobile devices.

  • It allows brands to serve digital ads to the same shopper audience via any other apps installed on their mobile device.

  • It’s patented Add-It™ technology allows shoppers to add the featured product to their digital shopping list or shopping cart without leaving the app.

  • Advanced targeting capabilities based on proprietary 1st party data

Check them out here:

I am always on the lookout for technology-based solutions so if you one I should know about leave a message.

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