Shopper Marketing Minute: Top Changes in Shopping Behavior in 2020

In this episode, I discuss the top 3 changes in shopping behavior during 2020.

First, we have seen an increase in pre-shop planning including meal planning, taking inventory of pantry and making detailed shopping lists before going on a shopping trip.

Second, we have seen the super acceleration of Ecommerce.  Whether it’s home delivery or click and collect, shoppers are buying more groceries online than ever before.  This is a trend that will continue with the huge investments made by retailers such as Walmart, Kroger, Loblaws and Sobeys to improve the online shopping experience and the connectivity between online and bricks and mortar.

Finally, we are seeing more and more shoppers looking for information online to help them make purchase decisions.  Most popular tactics used by shoppers in 2020, are Ratings and Reviews to gain insight into what buyers think of products and advice gained from trusted shopper influencers.

Have your own top 3 list?  Let me know.

If not, see you next time.

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