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Omnichannel Marketer: Secrets to My Success

Eugene 2

At 91.5, Eugene shared his sales and marketing experience with me

Young Marketers Should Seek Advice from Experienced Omnichannel Pros

People often ask me to share the secrets of my success over the 20 years of running JAMZ Marketing. 

Lesson 1:

No matter what your age you can always be learning from someone with more experience than you. I was reminded of this fact last week when I met Eugene poolside in Florida. Eugene is 91.5 years old and retired for over 20 years. I engaged Eugene in conversation and I am sure glad I did.  Eugene is the former owner of the one the largest RC Cola bottling and distribution companies in the USA northeast. The stories of his life in CPG he shared to overcome business challenges were golden. Here are few examples:

1. In the 1960’s, when he needed to increase sales he looked outside of traditional grocery and C-store channels and instead partnered with the fastest growing department store in Upstate New York — revolutionary at the time. 

2. He introduced the first glass bottle return program with his new retail partner to help drive store traffic and loyalty.

3. In the mid-1970’s, when most companies were still doing accounting by hand, he bought one of the first Tandy TRS 80 computers and designed his own accounting software with no experience.

Key lessons learned from Eugene:

– Work hard.
– Take a creative approach to problem solving.
– Customer service is everything.

My lesson for younger agency personnel: don’t look past older people inside or outside of your company. Instead engage them. Ask questions. You just might learn a thing or two.

If you have any questions or just want to connect to share experiences feel free to connect or DM me.

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