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Aaron’s Top 5 CPG Shopper Marketing Trends for 2022

2021 was an exciting year in shopper marketing highlighted by the rapid expansion of E-Commerce, advancements in technology and the re-definition of how shoppers shop the CPG category.

With 2022 upon us, I want to highlight 5 key trends to look for in the CPG world, in Canada, this year:

  • The emergence of social commerce partnering brands with social influencers to generate sales direct-to-consumer.
  • Brands allocating more advertising dollars in grocery media retail networks utilizing retailer owned data to target offers to shoppers.
  • Increasing investment in technology (eg. AI) to collect first-party data and use to personalize offers to brand buyers.
  •  Increase support of E-commerce sales especially with the introduction of a 15-minute home delivery service channel.
  • A rise in use of price promotions and digital coupons to drive conversion while helping Canadian grocery shoppers to save money in the face of massive increases in food costs.

What trends do you see coming to the forefront in 2022?

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