Shopper Marketing Minute: Data Collection & Privacy

Shopper Marketing Minute: Data Collection & Privacy

In this episode I discuss the collection of shopper data and privacy. As a shopper marketing consultant, I deal with dozens of companies who collect data from shoppers who opt-in through mobile apps, contests and newsletters and then use the data to market to shoppers in ways that meet or exceed local anti-spam and privacy laws. But what should happen to companies who do not meet legal requirements.

Recently, it was determined by federal privacy commissioners in Canada, Cadillac-Fairview, the largest shopping mall owners in Canada, was investigated and determined to have broken privacy laws in 2018 for their use of facial recognition technology to collect images of 5 million shoppers WITHOUT CONSENT. Privacy advocates (and me) are outraged Cadillac Fairview were not fined even though they removed the technology and deleted files 2 years ago.

But what is most surprising, is shoppers attitudes towards the privacy breach with more than one person suggesting “it’s disappointing, but it should be expected in the 21st century”.

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