Month: August 2020

Shopper Marketing Minute – Digital Media & the Shopper Journey

In this episode, I discuss shopper digital media and the importance of reaching shoppers with timely, relevant content throughout their shopper journey to drive consideration, inspiration and conversion.

For me there are 3 key things that drive success with shopper digital ad campaigns:

  1. Targeting
  2. Content
  3. Ad distribution

In terms of targeting, you must partner with a media company who is collecting insights from millions of data points such as online media consumption, interests and shopping behaviour, to enable brands to connect with their ideal audiences when and where it matters.

Second, content is key. Gone are the days of one-size-fits all creative executions.  Rather, brands need to deliver more personalized content to shoppers based on where they are in their journey.

Finally, it is important to work with a distribution company who has a dynamic ad platform who can serve ads hyper-locally based on triggers such as proximity to store, weather conditions and time of day.

One of my preferred partners is ShoperliftR who’s platform also features real-time ad rendering and the ability to serve ads with local area trade promotions which include the retailer name and address closest to the shopper.

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Shopper Marketing Minute – Store Checks Interrupted

Shopper Marketing Minute – Store Checks Interrupted

In this episode I discuss one of things I hate most about being a shopper marketer — doing store checks. Full transcript below.

Today I want to discuss one of things I hate most about being a shopper marketer — doing store checks.  Who among us likes to give up a day in the office, driving around 1 city visiting maybe 5 stores, walking up and down aisles in the pursuit of shelf media and in-store displays to take pictures —  just to spend another day putting the pictures into a PowerPoint presentation to send of to your clients who may or not appreciate your efforts

Talk about an antiquated activity.

But now, “there’s an app for that” — called Shelfgram. Shelfgram aggregates in-store photos from around the web and through direct uploads which allows me to do store checks from the comfort of my home office exploring thousands of stores at a click of a mouse.

And, I can tell you, as a Shopper Marketing consultant, Shelfgram is an invaluable tool which I use frequently to gain category and competitive brand insights to share with my clients.

If it sounds like I am a fan of Shelfgram — you’re right.  So, check it out at yourself or download the app.

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